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Photography Workshops

Upcoming Workshops:

Big Bend National Park
Dates: September 23 - 26, 2016
Students: 9
Spaces remaining: 9
Tuition: $900
Deposit: $300
Focus: Advanced Night Photography

Advanced means this will be a much more serious event than my previous workshops. Be prepared to work hard, stay out late, and shoot, shoot, shoot! :-)

Four nights of shooting
Advanced instruction on night and dark sky photography
Assignments and challenges designed to improve your night photography
Instruction and practice on light painting
Classroom time devoted to instruction on image processing and also image reviews
Printed and bound manual for each student covering details on Big Bend and also night photography techniques
Light painting kit (lights for you to keep)

This photography workshop will have an emphasis on photographing the dark, night sky and Milky Way. I will instruct you on advanced techniques going beyond those typically covered in my past workshops

Prerequisites You will be expected to fully understand your camera and know how to operate it in manual mode. You will also be expected to have practiced night photography prior to this workshop. You will be expected to hit the ground running and begin taking good exposures on our first night of shooting.

This workshop is open to anyone. However, to get the most out of it, please consider the above stated prerequisites. Coming to this workshop with the suggested experience means that you will get the most that this workshop has to offer.

We will learn in the classroom as well in the field. Everyone will have several hours of free time during the day to nap and catch up on things.

I'm working on additional details for this workshop now. I will post them soon. For an idea of location, what to bring, how to prepare, etc, please see my previous workshop description for April 2016 (link in the section below).

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions!


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