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High Lonesome Ranch
A Photo Project by Thomas J. Avery

Artist Statement


The High Lonesome Ranch is located in San Saba County in the Texas Hill Country. This property is a working ranch of several thousand acres. I have been visiting this ranch since 1987.

The land and its resources within the ranch show signs of heavy human and livestock use. Despite this, it has incredible natural beauty.

I first started taking snapshots in 1999, but the real start to this photographic project was in July of 2004 after I took a deep interest in photography.

My goal is to present the beauty that I see and not show the damage and signs of use by ranching. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, it is a ranch and the land will be worked. I do not expect it to have pristine, natural conditions, but there are some spots and elements that are still wild and quite beautiful.

I've spent a long time exploring the ranch and its wild, undeveloped places. I plan to continue to shoot and document this land for many more years.


All photos are copyright of Thomas J. Avery. Usage of any photo is strictly prohibited unless written approval is obtained from Thomas J. Avery. Unauthorized use of any photo is prohibited by law. The photos here are for you to view and not to take. Don't steal photos!


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