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Big Bend

Night Sky

Addicks Res.

High Lonesome

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Visions of Big Bend

The Big Bend region, including Big Bend National Park,
sits in a portion of the Chihuahuan Desert in southwestern
Texas. The vast, remote and rugged landscapes inspire
you to explore and connect with nature. Big Bend is a
place to be awed, find adventure, and enjoy the solitude
and silence.

The Night Sky

Seeing the Milky Way on a dark, clear night is an amazing
and humbling sight. It puts life into perspective, and gives
you a glimpse of how big and wonderful the universe is.

Addicks Reservoir

The reservoir, located in Houston near my home, is used
for flood control and is normally dry. It is an area of
wilderness with a few parks and trails within its borders.
Exploring the reservoir allows escape from the busy,
crowded city.

High Lonesome Ranch

The High Lonesome is located in the Texas Hill Country
and is a working cattle ranch and hunting lease. This
project focuses on the natural aspects of the landscape.
The ranch can be a place to explore and enjoy nature.